Nintendo Switch

Video: Check Out Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards Promotions For The Switch

It is not surprising that Nickelodeon’s sponsor for this year’s Kids Choice Awards, the Nintendo Switch, got a lot of love from the network. Nickelodeon showed off two special promotional videos for the console, both of which can be seen down below. The first one is a commercial that was made to promote Nickelodeon’s “proud partner” of the awards. That commercial first aired the day before the awards, as the uploader of the video explained. They also dedicated a segment for the Nintendo Switch at the awards show itself, and Nickelodeon tweeted out that segment on their official Twitter. It features the cast from Nickelodeon’s live-action sitcom remake of School Of Rock playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and showing off the console’s ability to become portable.


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      1. Yeah, very cringy, but the commercial is made for kids. That explains the cool, hip, and edgy things that kids like. From a child’s perspective, it’s probably the best thing they’ll ever see.


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