Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Introduces Two New Arms Videos Showcasing Characters And Weapons

One of the big games due out on the Nintendo Switch this spring is the fast paced boxing style title Arms. Nintendo Japan has provided some more footage of the game showcasing the weird and wonderful characters that feature in the game such as Ribbon Girl and the scary looking Master Mummy, as well as the many weapons at your disposal.



  1. Doesn’t look too bad. I worry though it just won’t have that lasting appeal of a game like Splatoon. Still, Nintendo should be applauded for at least trying to do something else.

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      1. It’s what I suspect, in other videos movements were better. It’s only that it’s bad advertising putting on air things stiff that can give a bad appeal to some. Many will not understand the point of the video, but just judge movements and the likes.


  2. This game is gonna be $50 or $60.
    …..these guys look great but Im gonna need more characters with numerous modes (vs, solo, survival, online, story, with extras to biot) to justify a purchase.


    1. It most likely runs at 60fps. This team knows how to optimize their games really well. They’re also aiming for this to be a competitive game, so I highly doubt it would be any thing other than 60fps.

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      1. Makes sense 60 fps as they intend it to be a competitive title. I know some parts of the video are purposely rendered in slow motion, but I noticed relevant dips in framerate. I really hope it’s a YouTube glitch or something long those lines.


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