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Here’s Some Details About Dragon Quest XI Battle System

The latest edition of Japanese publication Weekly Jump has been released and with it comes news of Dragon Quest XI. The feature this week looks specifically at the game’s battle system and the introduction of two new characters. The release date for the game is expected to be announced on April 11th when a special Dragon Quest XI presentation will take place. Here’s the details from Weekly Jump:

Battle System

  • The PlayStation 4 version uses a “Free Movement Battle” system where you can freely move the character and viewpoint. There is also an “Auto Camera Battle” system in which you can enjoy immersive battles.
  • The 3DS version has a “2D Mode” featuring familiar 2D pixel graphics, and “3D Mode” featuring 3D characters and monsters.
  • Both the PlayStation 4 and 3DS versions use command-based battle systems. The “Falcon Slash” and “Thwack” options can be seen in use in screenshots of the PlayStation 4 and 3DS versions, respectively.
  • You can preemptively strike enemies (PlayStation 4 screenshot).
  • There is some sort of new element in which the protagonist is surrounded by a blue aura (PlayStation 4 screenshot).
  • Two new monsters, Mandra and Ocobolt, are pictured.


  • Martina – The high-spirited female martial artist. “With you, I’ll protect everyone… That is my fight!”
  • Rou – A mysterious old man with a white mustache. “I’ve been waiting for you all to arrive.”




    1. I have just the perfect details for you “Dragon Quest Heroes” on the switch is running at 20fps on the combat fights while this is just a port from ps3 now This Dragon quest XI will Run maybe just full 2D with 30fps
      OR 3D with 10-15 fps portable mode and 4-5 fps dock mode with Ps2 graphics :)


      1. i Get the sand out ……….WOW I SEE breath of the wild running at 20fps on EVERY green area and the switch been dead on the next i must put the sand again because my eyes hurt more now !!:D


      2. The Switch runs the Vulcan/Vulkan game engine with 1080p graphics at 60 fps, which the PS4 Pro is too weak to do. Breath of the Wild is a port of the most open world Wii U game ever made. The Wii U port wouldn’t run any better on the PS4 Pro, which the Wii U sports a 800 mhz HD GPGPU & IBM POWER 7 CPU.

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  1. I hate command based with moving around battles. Either command based old-school turn-based or full free range battle. Why do they have to try to “innovate” by making what has worked for decades different? I miss simple turn-based RPG’s like every Final Fantasy X and earlier.. :(

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  2. A hunch about the Free Movement mechanic;

    To cut it short, prior to choosing a command for each of your party members, we could get to move each of them around first;

    Hero’s turn – first choose a location where you want him; then choose a Command (Attack > choose Target > Slime).
    After choosing a command for that character, it’d be your next party member’s turn.
    Camus’ turn – first choose a location where you want him; then choose a Command (Steal > choose Target > Living Armor);
    Martina’s turn – first choose a location where you want her; then choose a Command (Item > Magic Bottle > choose Target > Hero);
    Rou’s turn – first choose a location where you want him; then choose a Command (Attack > choose Target > Living Armor);

    Having issued commands to everyone, the battle plays out in traditional DQ fashion, but this time, your party formation now affects enemy decisions so clumping your party together would be a great idea to get them hit with a single Sizz spell. And we could now literally move some of our party members in the back to make them an unlikely melee target.

    I got this hunch from the Auto Camera feature; having fixed camera angles to move characters around likely won’t be a good mix in a system where time somewhat flows like in DQ X.

    And thinking back about that hunch, it sounds pretty much like XCOM or Final Fantasy Tactics without grids. LOL!
    Still, it’s a much more welcome change for me instead of having an offline version of DQ X.


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