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Nintendo Has Sold Over 2 Million NES Classic Mini Systems

There’s no denying that the NES Classic Mini console has been a huge success with demand for the system still reaching fever point. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says that the company has sold over 2 million units, but as we all know it’s going to be discontinued very, very soon. The reason for the discontinuation according to Reggie is that they have got a lot going on right now and that they don’t have unlimited resources. The retro console was also meant to be a limited edition item, so it is time for the company to discontinue it much to fans disappointment.

“We had originally planned for this to be a product for last holiday,” Fils-Aimé told TIME. “We just didn’t anticipate how incredible the response would be. Once we saw that response, we added shipments and extended the product for as long as we could to meet more of that consumer demand.”

“Even with that extraordinary level of performance, we understand that people are frustrated about not being able to find the system, and for that we really do apologize,” he said. “But from our perspective, it’s important to recognize where our future is and the key areas that we need to drive. We’ve got a lot going on right now and we don’t have unlimited resources.”


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  1. Top secret: Nintendo has told multiple store companies that the SNES mini is already being developed and that this was mostly why they discontinued the NES. Both walmart and Target employees have said that they received the official word from Nintendo. One worker said to me: “Nintendo stated that they are making the Super Nes mini…”


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  3. Ugh, if they release these at the rate they seem to be going, they’re going to run out of consoles to make Mini versions of very quickly. They should have kept making these until sales started to fall. Nintendo missed out on some easy profit by cancelling the NES Mini early (as well as failing to supply the demand again).

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