Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Releases Tutorial Video Showing New Ultra Mini Turbo Boost In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, unlike its Wii U iteration, has an extra Mini Turbo Boost that allows racers to gain some leverage against opponents. Mini Turbo and Super Turbo Boosts were only available in the Wii U game but in the Nintendo Switch version you can perform an Ultra Mini Turbo boost.  Nintendo have kindly uploaded a video on YouTube showing you how to make use of the extra purple boost power. They also demonstrate the time differences in how you’ll benefit more by drifting for longer and utilising the stronger boost:




      1. UX rule: never touch a running system.
        It might feel dated, but this is too much different and feels very odd for users who were used to how it used to be. It can really drive people away from your site without even noticing it themselves.
        These things should be considered with way more care. I understand it’s somehow “just a blog” but for some it really is a newspage and I for instance used to come here because the newslayout was kinda compact and accessible. Now it isn’t so there goes one major reason that holds me here. Other pages manage to make up for their layout with disqus integration but that’s also not a thing here.

        I mean if your statistics indicate that all I just said isn’t that bad and you’re seeing an increase of traffic anyways, don’t worry. These are just my personal impressions as I’d like this page to continue doing a good job.


      2. @validvalid That’s not even remotely a UX rule. Sites are continually optimized and have to be maintained to prevent it from being outdated. Once a year for a major change is a bit much, but considering it’s a blog site, it’s not a big deal. People will get used to this and say the same things for the next big change.


      1. Please do everyone a favor. Find the nearest bridge and jump, jump till you die.


      1. It depends on the screen/display size. If it’s wider, the content will appear smaller, especially if the layout is mobile friendly (vertical)… Users can zoom in and it would look fine.


  1. Just leaving this here invade others have the same issue as me (and doing a Google search it appeared I wasn’t alone)

    For anyone doing couch coop on MK8 Dlx if you are using a secondary mii and notice everytime you play you score resets, you have to tie that mii to a NNID account and make sure it appears under “users”. If you select from the “miis” section everytime it will not record any points you earn and will restart you at 1000 points. Maybe everyone has it figured out by now I just had a frustrating experience trying to figure out how to get my wife’s mii to record her points lol.

    Design wise I dig the new look it’s just when you get to the comments section with a lot of replys, it’s pretty much unreadable on a mobile device 😖


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