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Here’s Some Footage Of Hey! Pikmin

The big upcoming game for the summer on the Nintendo 3DS is without a doubt Hey! Pikmin. The game is a change from the traditional formula and is a 2D side scrolling platformer but with the bright and colourful visuals that we have come to expect from Nintendo and the Pikmin franchise. Nintendo Insider went hands-on with the game and you can check out some gameplay from Sector 1 Area A. If you want to see more videos then click the link here.

9 thoughts on “Here’s Some Footage Of Hey! Pikmin”

  1. As if Mario, Donkey Kong, Wario, Yoshi and Kirby side scroller games are not enough for Nintendo. Now Captain Olimar joins the side scroller club. I have mixed feelings for this but I can’t judge til I try it out myself.

    1. I’m pretty sure there were a couple of frames in Smash 4 where his mouth is slightly open too.
      Not that wide though. xD

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