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Here’s All Mushroom Shortcuts In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

There’s a ton of tricks and tips you need to help you master the excellent Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and one of these is the numerous mushroom shortcuts that can found throughout the game. Mushroom shortcuts are simply shortcuts where you need a mushrooms speed boost to help you get through and you can save a load of time. Thankfully, the ever handy AbdallahSmash026 has detailed all the shortcuts you can use if you have a mushroom handy. Check them out in the video, below.

7 thoughts on “Here’s All Mushroom Shortcuts In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”

  1. This person makes good videos for Mk8 he helped me to understand the mk8 acceleration much better back on then on Wii u..and even better on switch now they made the acceleration much better and accurate!!!
    Wait WHAT the fuck did i just said? Fuck i forgot the Tr-Mask

    Edit: Mk8 IS a SHIT overrated shit game for KIDS!! SRSLY there are adaults around the world who are playing that game? GROW UP already !!!This is game is OUTDATED play some real racing games like Project cars 2,or Forza or even farming simulator
    Nintedrone Adault Logic
    Mk8>Project cars
    Arms>Mortal combat

      1. Are you stupid? you trying to sound like a smart-ass and you failed hard. And even if i could something like that as a mistake well there is no edit button right?
        But did you miss the point when i type —————->”Nintedrone Logic”<————————
        And not real logic? Maybe because you are nintedrone and your brain cant read that word?<————-

        1. Not as stupid as a guy who comes to a Nintendo site and tries to troll it. Clearly you have nothing better to do if you make doing so a priority. Your contributions here, if you can call them that, are laughable.

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