Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Tease Surprises For Their Treehouse Live Segments At E3

Avid Nintendo fans are starting to get excited because E3 is just around the corner. This is the first conference where the company will be discussing the Nintendo Switch, so we can expect some big announcements. On their E3 website, Nintendo have teased that their famous Treehouse Live segments will feature “some surprises”. While not part of the main presentation, it looks like the bonus stream will reveal some stuff too. Will you be watching Treehouse Live next month? Tell us below.

“Stay tuned after the Nintendo Spotlight, as the experts from Treehouse play through upcoming games for Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, show behind-the-scenes info, and maybe even share some surprises.”




      1. ||The Ing take over and consume everything we touch, except Xbots, primitive lifeforms that are of no use to us…||

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  1. More AAA third party and first party games, GameCube virtual console, confirmation of Splatoon 2 TV mode split screen. That’s all I want to see, Nintendo.


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