Nintendo Switch

Screenshot Glitch Discovered In Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

The Nintendo Switch allows players to take screenshots during gameplay and save them to their collection. However, players of the newly released Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition have noticed that odd pictures have been appearing in their album. Oddly, Minecraft will occasionally take in-game screenshots without players pressing the button. This means that some players have found their albums full of pictures they hadn’t taken. Luckily, 4J Studios has already issued a statement about an upcoming fix. Have you encountered this glitch? Tell us below.



  1. Weirdly I don’t have the screenshot button problem, do have the “home” button problem. If I launch minecraft and play for a while, when I put my system to sleep it will automatically wake itself up again (as if I’d pressed “home”). This continues until I hold down the power button on my switch to turn it off. Everything will then be fine until I launch minecraft again—then rinse and repeat.


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