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Minecraft: Switch Edition Is 720p When Docked Because Of Docking/Undocking Issues

Minecraft: Switch Edition is largely similar to other console versions of the game, but the game’s resolution is having some difficulties reaching its full potential. When the game is docked, it is at 720p. Now, courtesy of some details from a TIME article, we now know why.

“Microsoft notes that Minecraft’s 720p docked/undocked resolution isn’t a question of system power, but stems from issues currently experienced shifting from one resolution to the other when docking/undocking. It’s possible, albeit not confirmed, that Minecraft for Switch could hit 1080p docked down the road.”

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    1. But do you know why? Because it sounds like they’re addressing the issue and it makes sense. I’ve been thinking about the same thing, there has been no console to switch between a lower setting to a higher setting in an instance, there must be hurdles devs need to get past. Let them do their thing, time will tell.

      1. And to make it worst, this is a game that is just fucking bricks. There’s no graphics at all!!!! 2017 and you can’t even make a game made of cubes run smooth. Lolololol.

        1. Lol ignorance is a bliss with this one, kinda sad but comical to steal see people with a 1st grade education

            1. Lmao people still use the grammar and kid insults as comebacks? You’d figure people would have better comebacks but it’s sad you have to rely on a mistake to try and insult me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

              1. It’s even sadder that you’re clearly an idiot who cannot even formulate a proper sentence or structure to even state if a comeback was made or not. The fact of the matter is, you’re a moron, and you pretty much confirmed this. No need to insult you, your comments in general are not only an insult to life, but an insult to yourself.

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                  1. Your emphasize on the label kid just highlights that it is what you are. Lolololololol. No need to feel bad being a 5 year old. We all reach that age. Haha

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      2. Microsoft is lazy and the game was written in java. Duh. The api is rather simplistic, they just didn’t want to go through th r&d. The game can switch res on pc fast as fuck so no excuse.

    2. This is so sad. My phone is 720P and doesn’t have issues running Minecraft, and mind you, the Switch has more specs than my phone. 2017 and games can’t even run smooth at 720P at a decent frame rate on a Nintendo product. What a shock.

        1. Damage control alert!!! Damage control alert! Tell it to run 60FPS. OH YEAH, it can’t. Might as well use my phone. Better than the switch. Haha

      1. To be fair, Minecraft Pocket Edition apparently runs on completely different code than any other non-PC version of Minecraft, one that is far more optimized (and also allows for larger worlds, btw)

        1. I give you that, but if you can’t even run a game on a system that should have specs like X1, then damn. Don’t even port it. You want to take it wherever you want and you can’t cause the frames will drop. Might as well keep my phone. You know?

      2. You’re right, it’s a shame Microsoft can’t program worth a damn. Since, as you point out, the Switch has more than enough power, clearly this is Mic’s screw up.

        1. Last time I checked, didn’t EVERYONE say how easy it is to program for the switch? Or maybe the switch is just weak? IDK how it’s Microsoft’s issue when they don’t even make the game. Fail!

        1. Doesn’t Nintendo have to give the okay to let the game comes out? Who’s lazy and being cash grabs then? Nintendo likes shitty games to go into their system. They could have choice not to accept the game due to a bad port. But they didn’t. Maybe that’s cause the switch got the best they could get with the game. Sounds like a switch being weak issue not a port issue

      3. I guess just like all 3rd party devs of all, MS might not have had unbelievably much trust in Nintendo managing to deliver a product as good as the Switch so they went with lower effort and thus costs. And I believe this is totally understandable looking at how well the WiiU did. We should just be glad a franchise like Minecraft is available at all during the Switchs launch window and even offers some pretty rad modes like 2 player split screen on portable mode. For people who are into this game, this definitely is some crazy argument. And yes, if they can live with blocky graphics, they might not mind low res or instable fps as well. But I guess with a growing audience, MS will be rolling out patches until everyone’s satisfied and its actually newsposts like this one that might fasten up that process.

        1. Galaxy S8 plus. I don’t believe this phone has more processing power, GPU, and Ram over the Switch. Only ram is the same. I build comps for a living bro. The switch is a failure and can’t even run a frigging game.

          1. The Switch’s Maxwell GPU runs at 768 Mhz compared to the 1Ghz a Tegra X1 GPU usually runs at. The GPU in your phone is about on-par with the Switch’s GPU in TV Mode though you will experience more thermal throttling because your phone doesn’t have a fan.

            The Switch’s CPU is clocked at half the speed of a normal Tegra X1, so using Geekbench scores, your phone has about 4x faster single core performance than the Switch and just over 7x higher multi-core performance.

            Your phone also has the same amount of memory as the Switch but with 4.2GB/s faster memory.

            To give you a sense of what your phone can do, this was running on a Galaxy S7.

            Not to be mean, but “building comps for a living” isn’t an incredibly impressive benchmark of computing knowledge. I know plenty of people who can build a comp but it doesn’t always mean that they know what they’re putting into that computer and how necessary certain components are to their builds. They just go for the highest numbers they can.

            The Switch does suck, both in it’s concept and it’s computing performance, but you can’t just say “[it] can’t even run a frigging game” because it runs plenty of games including one of the greatest games of all time, Breath of the Wild.

            1. Okay Switch and Breath of the Wild = freezes in Mid-Atlantic, and lagging. Even with the patch. The system can’t even fucking play it’s own first party game. Ha. Talk about great games it can play

  1. Well, pretty lazy of Mojang. There’s many games on the Switch that is far more demanding than Minecraft and they can achieve resolution change between modes.

      1. The current version of Minecraft on Switch is the January build. The other versions (including Wii U) has the latest update. But Mojang did confirmed that the features are coming to the Switch.

  2. Here Come the comments complaining about it. Y’all act like Nintendo or Mojang broke into your house and kicked your dog. If it can be fixed,then it’s no problem.

  3. Microsoft is lazy and the game was written in java. Duh. The switch api is rather simplistic to use, they just didn’t want to go through th r&d. The game can switch res on pc fast as fuck so no excuse.

    1. Who cares if it’s written in Java? Also the Switch’s APIs (not singular API) are likely no harder or simpler to use than the APIs in an other console.

      Also assuming that the console version of Minecraft are still Java-based, which is likely, then the majority of the work would be in porting over the Java Virtual Machine to the Switch.

      As other’s have said, it’ll probably be patched at some point. It’s also important to realize that this isn’t a situation like Snakepass where the ease of porting came mainly from the work Epic did porting Unreal Engine to the Switch. Minecraft uses it’s own engine and since it’s Microsoft owned, they likely were not one of the companies given a dev kit very early on.

  4. Just a minor issue, eventually it will get patched. It’s more bothering the choppiness (as I read above) in portable mode.

  5. The issue I have with the switch version is it doesn’t support the “Large” map size. I’m not sacrificing my gaming experiences for Nintendo anymore.

    But for people that don’t have another option, it should be adequate.

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