Modder Adds Kirby To Mario Kart 8

While the Mario Kart 8 DLC introduced Link and Villager as playable characters, some other Nintendo favourites were notably snubbed. However, one modder has taken matters into his own hands and added Kirby to the game. Complete with animations and voice clips, they have done a great job inputting the pink puffball. Check out a video below.


  1. The problem with Kirby in Mario kart is h wouldn’t fit on any of the other bikes properly since he barely has legs and arms. Still cool to see him riding his own Star car though!

      1. Good point, but he also doesn’t have to sit, so he can hover above the seat and still fit in all of the carts, whereas Kirby has to sit down in the seat. I also may be way off haha.

  2. How about they focus on getting other characters who are actually from the Mario-verse on the roster? E. Gadd is a more deserving character than Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, and Pink-Gold Peach combined.

  3. I just can’t figure out why Nintendo doesn’t just give Mario Kart an all-star cast (they’re already taking steps in that direction). Also the Mario Party series. Both of these series would really benefit from having an all-star cast. Then there would be an all-star fighting series, racing series, and party series.

  4. They need to make Kirby Air Ride 2 for Switch ASAP

    I was playing the Kirby Air Ride last night and even yet I still get a ton of enjoyment out of it.

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