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A Hat In Time Developer Wants To Be On Switch But Can’t Get Development Kit

A Hat in Time is a promising 3D platformer that is in development for the PC. It’s been in development for what seems like forever, but is set to be released sometime later this year. The game would be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch but the developer behind the game is struggling to get a development kit for the platform. They have reached out to Nintendo of America and have yet to receive a reply. Hopefully they will eventually be sorted out with one.

Thanks to Fyora and kidSquid


  1. I’m not totally convinced by this title. And I grew up with N64 3D platformers. If it’s good I’d be down for a Switch port. But it seems to have been in development for an obscene amount of time.

  2. ||Release it first on PC and maybe High Command will listen…||

    1. That’s a more believable reason cuz I don’t see Nintendo turning their nose at a game like this. That wouldn’t make any sense

  3. I waited for this game for like all of the Wii U’s lifespan. If it doesn’t come out on Switch that’s gonna suck 😕

    1. Yes, because we’ve gotten awesome indie titles such as Cave Story, Shovel Knight, Skullgirls, Super Meat Boy, and Guacamelee from AAA devs and first parties.

      Get out.

      1. ||Don’t forget the best of them all, the Shin’en Tribe…||

      2. I can’t explain since this site is extremely limited and can’t make people comment under some other comments.
        Well, I’ll do up here. The extreme difficulty is already a great show stopper for becoming a good game since a game is supposed to be engaging and not hurt people’s balls. The game is graphically horrible and mechanics are of smartphone level. I find amusing how many players find excellence everywhere.
        Isaac is another game from the same developer, another cheap game appreciated by many. Still mediocre.

  4. I’ve played the backer demo, and I must say: This game is good. It’s great in some areas, but only decent in others. I must say, other then the Wind Waker graphics, it does feel like a N64 platformer.

  5. Weren’t there articles stating that you could buy a Switch Development kit for $500? So… why not buy one? I don’t understand the problem here. If they are that desperate, I’m certain they could go back to kickstarter and add Switch as a stretch goal and get that $500 in like 20 min.

  6. Does anyone remember how the Kickstarter pitch capitalised on old Nintendo memories – only to ninja-remove the Wii U edition from their website overnight. Super pathetic.

    1. yeah this small developer should have totally supported a console that would have only caused them to lose hundred of thousands of dollars and man hours only to sell less than 1,000 copies. what a bunch of jackasses.

  7. Nintendo really needs to stop underappreciating the demand for all their shit. I can’t even get a decent-looking Switch case or screen protector from local stores, because they’re always sold out.

  8. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the other no brainer indie game who’s developer is having strange and vague difficulty getting their game on Switch is Axiom Verge. That game is a lot like Metroid which might be a conflict of interest with a potential Metroid game in the works. Mario Odyssey features a hat and it is already speculated that there might be more that give you different powers. Sounds like the featured component of a Hat in Time to me.

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