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Watch Maker Romain Jerome Creates Limited Edition Pokémon Watch Worth $258,000

If you’re a Pokémon fan and you’ve got just over a quarter of a million to spend on a watch, then look no further! Swiss watch maker Romain Jerome has created two different limited edition Pokémon Watch designs that retail at $258,000 each.

There’s two versions of the limited edition watches. One has Pikachu in centre, and the other has various Pokémon on the watch face.

Here’s the description from the website for the design including various Pokémon:

“In the wake of the first collaboration between RJ-Romain Jerome and The Pokémon Company International, the two corporations have partnered again to release a unique timepiece, exclusive in concept and rare in quantity.

RJ-Romain Jerome has mastered the art of combining contemporary subjects with traditional watchmaking know-how, creating real pieces of Haute Horology. In this spirit, the Swiss independent Maison is presenting its first complication within the Generational Icons collection, the Tourbillon Pokémon—the perfect alchemy between a prestigious horological complication and the emblem of the millennials. This one-piece limited edition truly asserts the brand’s avant-garde position.

The highlight of the timepiece is definitely the colourful dial, standing out from the all-black 48mm case and hands. Completing the ensemble, the black alligator strap is enhanced with yellow and blue stitching as a tribute to the Pokémon logo’s symbolic colors. The composition and the placement of the characters—all were created to appreciate the beauty of the dial’s numerous Pokémon.”

You can check out the designs in the images below.


23 thoughts on “Watch Maker Romain Jerome Creates Limited Edition Pokémon Watch Worth $258,000”

  1. bwhahahahahahahahaaahaahaaaa!!!! No, but seriously. Can’t front though. If I was a watch maker, I’d have done the same thing. I mean, someone’s gonna buy it, right?

  2. Even if it was made of solid gold and diamonds, that would still not justify the 258k price tag. Not even close. That watch maker has an ego the size of the titanic. I’m not sure who the bigger idiot is, the watch maker or the person who buys it.

  3. There was a Chinese man who spent his ten million dollar fortune to help end animal suffering and help stop dogs from becoming lunch.

    It is rare to find someone with so much wealth trying to make the world a better place.

    I agree with Deep South. No respect for someone wasting a quarter million on a watch. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have nice things, but this crosses the line into ludicrous.

  4. Looked at Amazon you can find cooler watches “Pokémon style” only in the double digits. While these styles which aren’t that amazing go torwards the six digit numbers ya…. I’ll pass.

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