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Niantic Says That “This Summer Will Be Legendary”

The 21st Annual Webby Awards Was held within the past week, and a lot of winners were declared over the course of an hour. One of the big winners was Pokemon GO, which took home 5 Webby Awards, including “Best Mobile Game”. Archit Bhargava, global marketing product lead for Niantic, was there to accept the award. As is common at the Webby Awards, brief 5-word speeches are made by award-winners. Bhargava’s speech was to the point, saying that “this summer will be legendary”. It suggests that the addition of Legendary Pokemon may be sooner than we think, and we do know that Niantic’s 2017 plans for the mobile game include Legendaries being added, according to information stated by their CEO. As for video of the speech, we have one of the entire awards show down below, courtesy of the official Webby Awards YouTube channel. If you want to see Niantic’s piece, it starts around the 18:51 mark. Feel free to check it out.


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