Nintendo Switch

The Super Duper Graphics Pack For Minecraft Is Coming To Switch Too

A recent interview with Minecraft developer Mojang has revealed that even the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft will be getting the aptly named Super Duper Graphics pack. Mojang and Microsoft also announced yesterday that the Nintendo Switch version of the immensely popular Minecraft will be getting cross-platform play, which is of course a huge deal. Here’s what Kotaku found out from Mojang.

Here’s the catch: the Super Duper Graphics pack is also coming to lots of other platforms, including Xbox One S, PC and Switch, even mobile (unclear if/when it’s coming to PS4), basically everything that’ll be running the game on the new Bedrock Engine. “It will be anywhere that you can play Minecraft in the new version,” Egbert said. “It will improve any screen on which you play, but the best experience will be on Xbox One X.” This is the theme: what you can play on Xbox One X is playable elsewhere, but, short of a high-end PC, it will simply look best on the X.




  1. So if you have both the Xbox One X version and the switch version, by rights, you would play the Xbox One X version on your 4k TV and then when you go on holiday, you can play your same character on the switch portable? Picking up where you left off on the XBOX One? Correct?


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