Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft Release Developer Diary Video For Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

After months of rumours and leaks, Ubisoft has finally officially announced Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Straight after the announcement at Ubisoft’s E3 conference they released a Developer Diary video for the upcoming game. If you’re interested in this truly bizarre looking game, this video might be worth a look. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch (naturally) in August. You can pre-order the game at the Ubisoft store and there’s a tonne of options available.




    1. Nop the only work is done by Mario. The rabbits are just Visitors. the add nothing to make the game better. Mario is the survivor who is jumping for real. on every gaming style. Mario party, mario cart, mario brosm, smash. etc etc. These autistic rabbits must paid alot of money to get boosted by this Legendary Hero named Mario


      1. If it doesnt come to the Switch. when its being released on the 360 and the PS3, then I will be utterly done with Ubisoft. EA have already burned their bridges with me, and I have no issue adding Ubisoft to the list.


  1. I said it, wait to see it before judging. It looks like Davide finally got some freedom to create what he really wanted. Congratulations to him for this achievement.


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