Here’s The Glorious Mario Odyssey And Xenoblade 2 Box-Arts

Nintendo has unleashed a wealth of new media today after their delightful Spotlight presentation. We now have the official box-art for Super Mario Odyssey and also Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Luckily both games are arriving on the Nintendo Switch this year with Super Mario Odyssey coming on October 27th and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming this holiday season. Have a look at both, below.




      1. No need to kid since they were mostly all “fuck U!” It’s the sad truth. Many others were thinking the same thing since it only sound around 13m. Some will stay in denial & ignore the fact it was the worst home console in Nintendo history because of the very few gems it had.

      2. games it had but that’s okay. Let them stay in La La Land.*

  1. I really like the Mario one. The Xenoblade one looks way to similar to the original Xenoblade though, so while it looks good, it’s not very original.

    1. The only difference is instead of just the Monado, we got the Monado, it’s wielder, & the Monado’s spirit. (She’s basically a female Alvis. Probably less powerful than him, though.)

  2. The female lead’s booty is hidden by her scarf. Oh well. Still, the box art looks nice even though it’s nearly identical to the first Xenoblade Chronicles box art.

    1. I think it’s like that to drive home the point that this one is truly connected to the original, more than X was; aside from references and the Nopon race appearing, X had no connection to the original.

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