Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem Warriors Will Contain A New Colosseum Mode

A new mode for Fire Emblem Warriors was revealed during the Nintendo Treehouse stream this evening. The upcoming hack and slash game will contain a Colosseum mode, which is entirely separate from the main game, and will allow players to go head to head with some of the most popular heroes in the Fire Emblem series. You’ll still have waves of enemies to plunge your weapons through, but your main mission is to defeat a number of heroes in a select stage and regain victory.

The stream also revealed the game will feature full voice acting from characters, as has been the case with the latest 3DS game Fire Emblem: Echoes, as well as enable the weapon triangle in the core gameplay. Warriors will also allow players to command their units and place them in certain areas of the battle field, allowing them to either defend or attack. The hack and slash game is due to head to the Nintendo Switch this Autumn, with the Nintendo 3DS version coming at a later date.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse



  1. Lyndis..? D: No..? *sadly shuffles off while shedding a tear*


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