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Two New Fire Emblem Warriors Amiibo Revealed

There’s been quite a few announcements today for you amiibo hunters. There’s new Mario Odyssey ones and Metroid: Samus Returns amiibo and now there’s two new Fire Emblem Warriors amiibo figures. There’s amiibo for both Chrom and Tiki which are sure to be snapped up by fans.



    1. It does look cool. Sadly, it’s just the prototype & the mass produced one won’t look NEARLY as good. Still…


      1. I don’t care if I never get a single game that uses his figure (I said the same for Waluigi’s amiibo), I want it for collection and display purposes to remind me of which FE Awakening character SHOULD have been in Smash.

        Seriously, after watching the cinematics from Awakening and thinking for like half an hour, Sakurai could’ve made him a moveset unlike Ike’s, Robin’s or even Marth’s. *I* could’ve done it. No actual effort was put in.

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  1. Not adult Tiki? I guess they wanted to go with classic pre-teen Tiki *shrug* Let’s hope they do like they did with Alm & Celica amiibo at GameStop & have plenty of these to go around. Worst case scenario: it ends up like Lucina years back where it sells out in less than 10 minutes & takes years to get a restock. (Least it got a restock, though. Still waiting for Smash Meta Knight & Rosalina amiibo to get a restock..!)

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  2. There’s TOO MANY boring Fire Emblem amiibo. And for some reason, I have them all. This girl one looks interesting. And speaking of amiibo, WHERE ARE ALL OF THE BREATH OF THE WILD AMIIBO? I still need Princess Zelda, and nobody has any at all. I just know I’ll be forced to pay over 30 dollars on ebay.


    1. Little Tiki is lucky she’s adorable or I wouldn’t have bothered with my preorder. (I even chose her over Chrom. He’s an awesome character but I like some other characters more.

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