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Here’s The History Behind Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle For Switch

We found out today that Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch is indeed real and has been in development for three years over at Ubisoft in collaboration with Nintendo. Now we have found out a little more history about how the game’s concept came about and what it was like to work alongside the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, thanks to a recent interview published by

“When me and my team were told to work with Nintendo, with a game that could feature both Mario and the Rabbids, we immediately understood it was a lifetime opportunity,” Soliani says. “We spent night and day working on the best way to merge those two worlds together, and find something unique for both Mario and the Rabbids.

“We did a new genre. As tactical fans, we loved the idea of using them to propose something new for turn-based gaming. A different approach. But at the same time, we wanted to stay true to the Mario universe. That’s why we wanted to mix tactical combat phases with adventure phases. We put together posters, and came up with the enemies and the tone

“Three and a half weeks after that internal meeting, we took the opportunity to create a small prototype and present it to Nintendo. When I finally met Mr Miyamoto, the creator of my favourite game and the inspiration of my whole career, I felt like I was divided in two – the passionate Nintendo player, and the Ubisoft creative director. I was split between the urge to ask for an autograph, and the responsibility to represent the game in the most professional way.

“He told us that he was impressed, so it went well, but he kept asking us how it was possible for us to have Mario and Luigi in our game, because they look identical to the Nintendo ones. But the truth is, even if we had just three and a half weeks to come up with that prototype, we decided to recreate Mario and Luigi from scratch. We looked at all the Nintendo games we could, to make sure we translated their essence into our game. And I do believe that it was in that precise moment that we truly convinced Nintendo about our passion and our commitment. ”

“After that, everything happened at light speed. We met the Nintendo guys with Kyoto several times, and we flew up with code”.

You can read the full interview with the team and even composer Grant Kirkhope, here.

18 thoughts on “Here’s The History Behind Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle For Switch”

  1. Actually I truly believe this game can be somewhat good, if Nintendo actually allowed the game to happen and even supported it, it needs to be a good experience.

    I’ll give it a chance.
    Btw good work with that conference Ubi!

        1. Well, they won’t be making anymore consoles for a while. So, SEGA is on a tight budget after they stop making there consoles. So, yeah. it will cost 100.000$ for them to make a new console.

  2. This crossover is just a disappointment for me. So, yeah since this game been I. Development in 2014, I was wondering if they can make a sonic and Mario adventure crossover in the future.

  3. All of this Ubisoft news, and I didn’t hear a word about Assassin’s Creed Origins coming to Switch. That’s probably the same disappointment I’ll be feeling throughout E3. Especially if Pikmin 4 and Animal Crossing for Switch isn’t announced.

  4. That’s a more storied history than I anticipated. But if Nintendo believes in the project, then so will I. They’re letting a moderately reputable company handle their biggest IP; what’s the worst that could happen?

    *recalls Hotel Mario, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, and Link: The Faces of Evil and their cutscenes*

    Oohhhhhhhh, that’s the worst…

      1. I’m talking explicitly about Nintendo handing the keys to their IP to a third party dev; the virus of which you speak was handled by essentially a second party and as such I believe deserves different classification. At least Mario + Rabbids honors the source material better than that… thing.

  5. This crossover looks fun, though I was really expecting Mario and Rayman teaming up before the Rabbids. Imagine how a Mario and Rayman crossover would be!

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