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Here’s More Information About Pokkén Tournament DX For Nintendo Switch

pokken tournament for Nintendo Switch

If you tuned into Nintendo Treehouse live earlier you will have seen that they were showcasing the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Pokkén Tournament DX. This version of the fast-paced competitive fighting game features 21 playable Pokémon including the inclusion of Decidueye. Here’s a few more details from the stream.

  • 21 playable Pokemon
  • Litten/Popplio are a new set of support Pokemon
  • New battle stage, Thalia Beach
  • Decidueye has a move that acts as almost a debuff against your opponent
  • Popplio support lets you double jump
  • Decidueye has an almost floating-like movement to him, letting you delay your moves in the air
  • Runs at 60fps in docked and tabletop modes
  • Online has group matches, a new mode
  • Group matches includes groups of up to 100 players
  • Replay mode lets you see replays of friends matches as well as your own
  • Team Battles lets each player choose 3 Pokemon, and have one match of 3-on-3
  • New battle stage, Reggie Ruins
  • In Team Battle, you can choose the next Pokemon you want to bring out without your opponent knowing
  • Croagunk has an easy time evading its opponent, as it can run around quickly


6 thoughts on “Here’s More Information About Pokkén Tournament DX For Nintendo Switch”

  1. Heres a question no one is asking: If Decidueye is in Pokken but Pokken released before Gen 7 is Pokken in Gen 6 or 7

  2. Glad it’s around this time around for those that missed out on Wii U. Didn’t like it myself so probably won’t double dip but fair play. Bring on as many Wii U ports as Nintendo want. Seriously happy to have anything bolstering the library.

  3. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!}

    Reggie Ruins, huh? I’m tempted but I’ll resist just this once.

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