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Super Mario Odyssey Will Have Around 30-50+ Moons On Each Level

Super Mario Odyssey is coming in October to Nintendo Switch and fans are undeniably excited about the prospect of playing the next 3D Mario title. In a recent video with Kinda Funny Games, it has been revealed that there’s roughly between 30-50+ Moons to collect on each level, which means that the game is going to absolutely huge. The Moons are used to power Mario’s ship, The Odyssey. Super Mario Odyssey comes out October 27th.

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  1. Yeah, I suspected it would be about this number – with seemingly different moons being available depending on the condition the level is in (i.e. is it day or night, is the ice melted in the desert etc.). The question then is how many levels are there going to be. I think it’s best to expect not that many, possibly single digits.

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      1. Yup… I expect levels/worlds to be mashed up in some sense in this way… but Galaxy did not play by those rules if I remember correctly so we shall see


      2. That’s about the same as Super Mario Sunshine, which this game seems to borrow a lot from.

        Same with Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, DK64, and games of a similar nature


  2. I’m honestly a little bit disappointed at the amount of moons to collect. It takes the value away from finding them. The excitement of finding one will not be as high as finding a Star from Galaxy or 64.

    The game still looks amazing though. I think it will be ok.

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    1. You already feel disappointment for the amount of moons to collect when you don’t even know how this game plays for real? Are you serious? You feel disappointment for many things you don’t know yet in your life?


      1. So you must have missed the 2 hours of gameplay footage they showed? I know how the game plays. I know how moons are found and they are everywhere and relatively easy to get. I’d prefer a much smaller moon count as it would make them more rewarding when you find them.

        I’m disappointed in things I know could have been done better.

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  3. Personally prefer the linear, shorter levels with 3 stars (and 3 green stars) seen in Galaxy 2. However, Galaxy, Galaxy 2 and 3D World have all been linear (the latest being a little too linear in both controls and design). I’m fine with non-linear Mario being back for this next game.


  4. So there is a chance the moons will be like the Korok Seeds: 900 to collect but only around 400 of them are mandatory. :/ I agree with Deepsouth. Less is more!


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