Nintendo Switch

Here’s A Look At HORI’s Nintendo Switch Headset

The Nintendo Switch will be receiving voice chat later this year and the first title which will be compatible will be the long-awaited sequel to Splatoon, Splatoon 2. HORI has revealed its headset for the Nintendo Switch and at first glance it admittedly looks rather bulky. The HORI Gaming Headset AIR STEREO will launch in Japan in July and will cost ¥3,542 ($32).




  1. “The reason for that is, it continues to reinforce our commitment to online, and do so in a way that will enable the consumer to enjoy their Nintendo Switch and to still be able to play those connected experiences—like Splatoon, like Kart, like fill in the blank—while they’re on the go. Instead of having some sort of bulky gamer headset, you’ll be able to do it right off your smartphone, put in your earbuds that you use for your standard mobile device. We think that’s a pretty sweet solution. That’s part of the overall opportunity that we see in a subscription service.” -Reggie


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    1. There are smaller ones to use. People like variety. This headset may not fit what Reggie was trying to say but there are others that do.


      1. Yeah i get that, it was just that as soon as i saw this headset his quote was the first thing that popped into my head lol

        I mean regardless, his response for not having built in voice chat still makes no sense. PS4 has built in voice chat but you don’t need to use a bulky headset either, in fact sony included an earbud in the box, pretty sweet solution lol

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      2. I mean sony and Microsoft have official headsets, and they kind of suck, they get the work done, but id personally wouldn’t buy them. if you have the money go for astros, turtle beach cant go wrong with that for its price.

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      1. Nintendo rarely if ever makes their own accessories, and so far most of the Hori stuff has been officially licensed by Nintendo. Go play Wii Bowling, Bowler AA. POST FAIL FAIL ALERT


    2. Typical Nintendo. “Let’s not do what everyone else is doing that’s been a staple for many years now on other systems that the consumers of really like or love. Let’s do something unique instead.” *facepalm* That worked out so well for the Wii U as it ignored many conventions that have been made into staples on other systems.

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    3. Sorry for using your comment as a jump off point to bitch about Nintendo being stupid. lol I’m just so very SALTY!!! *throws salt everywhere* I’m gonna get called that by someone, or they are gonna at least think it, so I might as well lace that shoe right the fuck up! lol

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    1. Maybe one day they’ll update the firmware so that you can use the nintendo online lounge app on the switch itself (which would make the most sense lol), but until then you can use a bluetooth headset with your smartphone if you are so inclined.


      1. It’s not about the smartphone, it’s about the cables to connect the headset on the phone and then on the Switch. Why not only the cable for connect the headset to the phone?


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