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Video: Watch The Rainway App Stream PC Games To Switch

Undertale, Batman Arkham Knight and NieR Automata haven’t released on any Nintendo consoles, but the Rainway app means that you’ll be able to stream the PC versions to your Nintendo Switch. While many that Nintendo would allow this app to work via the console’s web browser, the first videos of the working version have appeared online. We don’t have a solid release date for the eShop version, but Andrew Sampson’s videos make it seem pretty functional already. Check them out below.

50 thoughts on “Video: Watch The Rainway App Stream PC Games To Switch”

  1. Also,here’s another quote from andrew sampson

    “Interesting fact about the Switch hardware, it is capable of streaming 4k content at 60FPS and 1080P content at 120FPS. Capped framerates.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised that the eventual inclusion of the Netflix app would have 4K streaming.

    1. I find that hard to believe, but I suppose streaming 4K is nothing like rendering a game in 4K. For ANYONE to stream 4K games or Television, you need an epic internet plan with great bandwidth. The amount of date needing to flow through the pipe is very high.

      I heard rumors that the switch doesn’t have a strong wifi card. If that is false, then the Rainway app may indeed be a viable option for PC gamers. Personally, I like the convenience of console gaming, but for people already into PC gaming, and don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a PC to play 3rd party games on their switch, hoping the Rainway app works smoothly… then this could be pretty cool.

      1. The thing about the Tegra X1 is that the Nvidia Shield TV (that uses the tegra x1) is capable of 4k streaming. But yeah,4k streaming vs 4k gaming are two different beasts.

        1. Well, if that’s the case,… I don’t see why the switch couldn’t stream 4K. If the shield can do it, I imagine Switch can as well.

        1. 5 GHz WiFi is very modern tech, however switch owners were reporting short ranges from their dock. so I don’t know if it was a few bad units, or the dock is the bottleneck. And again, Switch owners need a PC that can play current gen games, which many do not because they rely on the switch to game. PC/switch gamers might be ok so long that the switch has better range than previously reported.

          There are several switch owners on this blog, maybe that can tell us what kind of range they get.

      2. Switch being able to connect to 5ghz (finally, Nintendo) makes for the most solid wifi Nintendo has produced. The wifi range matches my Shield Tablet no problem. And while you won’t be able to stream anything on 2.4, but on 5ghz, the Shield devices stream 1080p beautifully over 5ghz, and should actually be pretty easy if you just want to stream 720p to the handheld.

        1. I recently got a 5ghz router, and the range and data speeds are outstanding. If switch owners have one, it will help with this Rainway app. IDK. I think there is more to this than simply downloading the app, and several pieces of tech that need to be current for it to work.

          I think there will be some who it will work fine, some who will get the app and be frustrated it won’t work, and others that will research and find their tech is not compatible

    2. I was gonna say that the Switch can only output 1440p30 or 1080p60 because of it’s USB Type-C controller but it seems I misread it. It should support 2160p75 and maybe even FreeSync so it’s more than capable of outputting for 4K Netflix.

      It is slightly bottlenecked by the DisplayPort to HDMI converter in the dock but not much. The dock can output 2160p30 or 1080p24 3D max.

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      1. It’s the result of over 12 years on Steam. Plus I used to stock up on games during Steam sales, though now I usually just look for a heavy discount on green man gaming.

    1. So long as you’re on 5ghz, the Switch’s wifi is better than any other Nintendo product, period. Perfectly matches my Shield Tablet in range and reliability, and that streams 1080p beautifully. The Switch in handheld only needs 720p. I use both a Steam Link (for a mouse + keyboard setup at a desk) and a Shield tablet (handheld, attached to a controller) to stream from my couch gaming PC daily.

    2. I’ve never had an issue with wifi on my switch. I have a faster connection on my switch than my PS4 (not as fast as my PC connection, but that’s no surprise). You sure it’s not your router?

      1. Never had an issue doing what? There’s no live video or compatible web browser on switch that would push it. There’s nothing that would cause any problems right now. Now if you tried streaming 60fps 720/1080 on that shitty wifi chip you’re going to run into a bad time

        1. I could stream video in 1080p perfectly fine on Wii U. And again, the speed is higher on my Switch than my ps4, which i can also stream 1080p easily from. So I imagine that won’t be an issue.

      1. Yeah it’s cool but the controller options on steam box makes it much easier to organize couch co-op. Joycons hurt my wallet :< i do hope the undocked mode is good though

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