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Rainway Promises Good News About Their PC Streaming App For Switch

Rainway recently announced their plan to release a PC streaming app for the Nintendo Switch. While some fans had doubts that Nintendo would let the company create this ecosystem on their console, it seems the developer has received some contact about a Switch release. According to Rainway’s Twitter, they just received an update from Nintendo and have some good news for their fans.


  1. ||Hope and promise does not equal one another…||

    1. Huh? Isn’t that the point? Or do you mean LAN play only? I’d be happy with just that.

    2. I’m just glad that I’ll be able to play PC games even if it means I have to have a console in the same room. I have a pretty crap PC.

    3. So if this is like my Shield Tablet, then you absolutely can play on the go IN THEORY. The problem is that you need a 5GHz connection with a bare minimum 30mbps. Most homes and almost all public wifi are still using 2.4GHz. Maybe if you have a good data plan, good connection, and a phone that can do 5GHz hotspots, you may be able to get a stream going, but for me the stars have never aligned. Streaming to a handheld from my gaming rig in the basement is still a joy.

      1. That’s exactly the thing. To be able to play smoothly without any issues anywhere you want, you need a steady and fast connection constantly, which is not a given for most people in this moment of time. Technology isn’t advanced enough yet to make streaming from your pc to another device a smooth experience anywhere/any time you want. I’m sure we’ll get there at some point in the future, but there’s still ways to go.

      2. I have a 4G hotspot that I use for internet. On my best days I’m running at 17 Mbps.

  2. I am not a gamer PC owner, but i don´t understand why this idea is receiving bad feedback, this could be another reason for people and gamers to buy more systems, and more systems sold = more games and better support, and maybe it will be the only way to play certain games that the Xbox or Playstation ´can´t offer, making even better the Switch

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