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RiME Collector’s Edition For Nintendo Switch Discovered On Amazon Spain

We know that the recently released RiME is destined for the Nintendo Switch and now a Collector’s Edition of the game has appeared on Amazon Spain. The Collector’s Edition of the game is priced at €55.99, and if you’re wondering, it comes with a copy of the game and exclusive Switch box, Artbook, cloth map and the original soundtrack. There’s currently no set release date for the game but you can check out the Collector’s Edition below.





  1. I get collector’s editions for huge, established series, or even a brand new title from a well-known, AAA developer. I was under the impression that RiME was pretty indie.


    1. There are indies and there are indies. The term ‘indie’ has become nothing more than a label for something outside the AAA blockbuster sphere. 20 years ago, many games would’ve also been considered indie titles according to that logic. And if I look at Rime, it looks like the sort of indie title like Journey which would totally work as a collector’s edition.

      I mean I won’t buy that edition either, and it won’t sell huge numbers, but I can understand that it’s not a complete waste.


  2. It seems all the Nintendo goto special edition inclusions are ART BOOKS and CD SOUNDTRACKS.
    Just not that special to me. Other stuff included seems cool,but I’m not sure if ART BOOKS or CDs are that great/useful.

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  3. Has anyone actually played this game yet?

    Welp, I guess I’ll need to check out YouTube for actual experienced opinions. I think it looks fun, but haven’t made made the decision to buy it yet. Really on the fence!

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      1. The developers tried to follow some steps of BotW which I don’t see these similarity on both games, but this is nothing in compare of the lazy developers saying that the Switch isn’t a good console, and after this I’m really dissapointed about this game.

        This is why I will not buy and play this game.


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