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Fans Release Mod Adding New Levels To Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel are often heralded as two of Nintendo’s best games. Although it doesn’t look like Galaxy 3 is coming anytime soon, it’s true that fans are still wishing for more creative space levels. The Neo Mario Galaxy mod for Super Mario Galaxy 2 might be able to satisfy some of these cravings. Created by Aurum, Neo Mario Galaxy even has an awesome trailer. Check it out below.

Thanks MK7Tester

10 thoughts on “Fans Release Mod Adding New Levels To Super Mario Galaxy 2”

    1. it’s not that easy. These games were designed to show what’s possible with the Wiimote. Without a Wiimote, they are hard to port. Not impossible, but these are usually the reasons why NIntendo cannot port stuff. I believe it’s the same reason why we haven’t seen Mario Sunshine yet. It was designed utilizing the GC-Controller’s strange analog-digital-mix-trigger and as we now don’t even have any analog triggers at all, it’s not that simple to reproduce.

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