Nintendo Switch

Sonic Forces Appears To Be Being Sold For A Reduced Price At Retail

Most new releases launch at full price but there’s been an encouraging number of games being released lately at a slightly reduced price. The upcoming Sonic Forces appears to be one of these games. Amazon UK currently has the game for £34.99 and Amazon Spain has it for 37 Euros. November is always a busy month for the video game industry so it makes sense for SEGA to offer this title at a slightly reduced price so it isn’t swallowed up by some of the other releases.




    1. In the UK, it’s just £2, which is taken off when you order. £34.99 is base price, so yes, it’s cheaper than standard here (£39.99 – £49.99). It was actually £29.99 earlier this week.


  1. 37 euros? I don’t think is the real price, I think Amazon putted a random price just like gamestop did with Sonic Mania for the Switch.


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