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Kotaku Says Sonic Mania On Nintendo Switch Has A Slight Bug

Sonic Mania is finally out today and has received some extremely positive reviews, which is encouraging to see. However, Kotaku UK is reporting that users are encountering a bug in the Nintendo Switch version. The bug affects the game in handheld mode only and the publication says that when playing Sonic Mania in handheld mode on Switch the capture button, home button and power buttons on the system either fail to respond at all, or are very slow to respond. Hopefully this will be something that’s patched.




    1. It’s slight because it doesn’t affect gameplay whatsoever. The buttons still work regardless, just delayed. Not saying it shouldn’t be fixed, but it’s not enough to call it “major.”

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      1. That is ABSOLUTELY a slight issue. I ran into this issue earlier, and it’s definitely not a big deal. Even in the case that you can’t press the home button at all, you can still pause the game, and you can still put the system in sleep mode. If you really need to access the home menu, you can put the console in sleep mode by simply pressing the power button, then press the button again to wake it up, and instead of pressing the icon, or any button three times, press the home button. The icon changes to the home icon, and then press any button three times, and you’re in the home menu. To be clear, that’s 6 button presses. It’s a definite inconvenience, sure, but a major issue? Not in the slightest. It does nothing to impede your enjoyment of the game at all.

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      2. I have the game, I have the issue as well. If you press the home button, you’re gonna have to wait roughly 4-6 seconds for the menu to pop up. For the impatient people that constantly press the home button cause they realize it’s not working (me included) then it’ll never open. I’m not saying it’s not an issue, cause it definitely is. But it’s not major. Major is if it affects gameplay to the point where it makes it uncomfortable to play or unplayable altogether. This is none of that.

        If you haven’t came across the issue, don’t speak on it like you know about it first hand. I understand that people can only go on what players have said, but it’s the Internet. Unless you’ve tried it yourself, take everything with a grain of salt.


    2. Can confirm. Major issue. Tried playing this morning in docked mode switching from handheld mode, went to grab my Pro Controller, and instead of registering it at the first player controller, it registered as the second, so I was controlling Tails. Hit the home button to go out to the menu and reconfigure controllers and the game continued to run in the background while the quick menu came up. Then I could not get the quick menu to go away so I had to undock , thinking it was the 1p controllers….no dice. Home button wouldn’t even work at that point. So, I had to hard reboot the system and redock just to play it docked.

      So yeah, major issue.

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  1. Yea I was so scared wen I was trying to put my switch in sleep mode and it didn’t wanna work lol but then I noticed it was just a delayed response. Not a big deal but still needs to be fixed asap the game is great, zone 3 so far!

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  2. This happens in both docked and handheld mode. Not a huge deal, but hopefully it’s fixed soon. The PS4 version also seems to have a bug with the music cutting out randomly. I’m sure they’ll patch out the little issues soon.

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