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Nintendo Talks About The Metroid: Samus Returns Amiibo Figures

There was some concern in the Nintendo community about the Metroid: Samus Returns amiibo figures and the need for them all to unlock specific things in the game. Eurogamer recently caught up with Nintendo’s Yoshio Sakamoto to talk about the need to own these four amiibo. Here’s what Mr. Sakamoto had to say:

There’s been a lot of discussion about the game’s amiibo and how to get everything in the game you require four amiibo. Four is quite a few. Some fans have said four is too many. Is it too many?

Yoshio Sakamoto: From our perspective, that isn’t the mindset we have towards them. Please don’t forget that, out of the four, two are Smash Bros.-related figurines. We have two new ones, but we’ve enabled users who have the two older ones to take advantage of them. To clarify, you don’t need amiibo to unlock hard mode. When you clear the game, everyone has access to the hard mode.

So for our fans who purchase the respective figurine, fans will get a harder challenge. I think we have a lot of fans, and for the fans who purchase our amiibo out of love for our series, in addition to having a beautiful figurine, we wanted to give them something in exchange. Namely, to be able to unlock the Fusion Mode, which is even harder than hard mode.

Which brings me onto my next question, how much harder than Hard Mode is Fusion Mode?

Yoshio Sakamoto: I can’t really get into the details, but I can say Fusion Mode is significantly more difficult than Hard Mode. Sorry I can’t go into more detail, but I want fans to experience it for themselves.



  1. I honestly do not have any big issues with the amiibo implementations in this game.
    The game has most practically everything in it’s base form.
    Everything that the amiibos bring are very much “extras” and are in no way needed to complete the game.

    Most importantly, and I think it is something that people seem to forget, is that the amiibos has to strike that balance where the content is meaningful enough to warrant the purchase, and also not give an unfair advantage to the player who has it.
    And in my opinion that balance is stuck here.

    1. I don’t necessarily feel that the fusion-thingy is the problem here, but more how Amiiboes is used and why couldn’t they just give people the option to digital download: for those who can’t get the amiiboes, or for those who don’t want to open theirs.

  2. I don’t mind as long as I can getthe dam things when they release. That’s the issue i have with it. Nintendo puts out these figurines with special content and you can’t ever find any of them like wt happened with Zelda.

  3. “…purchase our amiibo out of love for our series, in addition to having a beautiful figurine, we wanted to give them something in exchange. Namely, to be able to unlock the Fusion Mode, which is even harder than hard mode.”

    Bullshit. We’ll never find them no matter how much we love or want them. And locking a mode of play behind a scalper pay wall is not showing your fans any love.

  4. Locking content behind stuff that is nearly extremely hard to get, if not fucking impossible, without paying bullshit prices on eBay or Amazon because Nintendo can’t properly stock the fucking things & giving scalpers a chance to overprice them is utter bullshit. I use to love the idea of amiibo but it’s becoming clear Nintendo is using them to be just as shitty as EA when it comes to DLC.

    I only got a preorder of the damn Metroid 2 pack because of pure luck thanks to IGN Deals giving me a link to Best Buy having more up for preorder. It’s Best Buy, though, so there is a 50/50 chance they could cancel my preorder as we get close to the amiibo’s release. Still haven’t gotten the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo which unlocks Fierce Deity Link’s outfit in Breath of the Wild.

    If you can’t properly stock the damn things, stop making them. You’re just pissing people off & practically trolling us with some of the amiibo at this point.

    1. i had no problems with getting my pre-order of the amiibos from best buy, maybe it was because i pre-ordered as soon as nintendo revealed the amiibos? the only pre-order i had a problem was the snes classic because of bots used by greedy scalpers to be greedy and greedy bastards.

    2. I’ve realised the last couple of months that Nintendo is, at the moment, focusing on collectors, more than the general consumer. Why that is I can only speculate: Maybe they actually(yeah right) can’t produce enough Switches and are trying to keep income up with low-quota production of collectors items with steap prices. Or they just find it cheaper to produce collectors item and holds back Switches so they can push ‘miiboes and Snes Minis and have no stock left when the sales of Switch have grown so much it’s more profitable to make AAA games again.

  5. “Experience it for themselves” is kinda ironic if it’s locked behind 13 dollars and isn’t available through any other method than a physical DLC statue.

  6. My problem isn’t with amiibo locked content, my issue is with them not making enough amiibo for everyone to buy. 3+ years of this BS (just with Amiibo not to mention countless years of them doing the same thing with all their other stuff). I’m not sure Nintendo understand what preorders are, they are meant to gauge how many people want your product beforehand so you can make enough for those people plus more for the casual buyer but oh no.
    As far as I’m concerned Metroid 2: Samus Returns is not complete without those Amiibo as a collector, even if the amiibo didn’t unlock anything I’d still want to buy them.

    1. *Lunatic Mode, #FENintendo needs to do what they did with the Wolf Amiibo. Keep cranking them out until everyone has one.

      Everyone frustrated with Nintendo putting content behind a paywall controlled by scalpers has a point and a reason to be frustrated.

  7. -hard mode isnt behind a pay wall!
    *proceeds to announce hard mode is behind a paywall*
    -Oh, that?! that isnt hard mode that is “fusion mode” *wink*

    seriously? the issue with hardmode isnt that we dont have a difficulty setting called “hard mode” it’s that the hardest challenge is locked behind a paywall

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