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IGN Produces NBA 2K18 Graphics Comparison Between Switch And Other Versions

IGN has produced an interesting video today which takes a look at the graphical fidelity of the upcoming NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One S. As you can see from the video, the Nintendo Switch versions holds up remarkably well. IGN has noted that the Nintendo Switch version was running in docked mode and PlayStation 4 Pro footage was captured in 1080p.


    1. Based on this, and what we are seeing with FIFA 18, there are two options for Switch.. at least for the moment with games like this.

      Go the NBA2K18 route, and use the latest graphics engine and physics engine, getting top of the line visuals, but lower resolution and 30fps.

      Go the FIFA18 route, use a previous generation game engine, add things to it to push the visuals beyond last generation, but not quite the same as the latest graphics engines put out, and run at 1080p 60fps.

      60fps always looks nice, but is only necessary for gameplay in specific genres like fighting games and shooters. Personally, I’m fine with 30fps as long as it’s the latest visuals. Most games on PS3/360/PS4/XB1 have been 30fps and it was never a problem, so it’s ok for me on Switch for some games.

  1. So that’s… 60 fps, better reflections and much more use of depth of field on the big boy machines.
    (and minor stuff like better highlights on the faces)
    I wonder how the normal PS4 fares.

    1. I think it all comes down to who is making the game. Companies that are used to developing for pc or Xbox or PlayStation, are used to the consoles have terabytes of storage at their disposal, so they don’t spend much time downsizing or compressing because they never need to. Whereas, Nintendo has become the master of small sizes, because they’ve been developing for 3ds and do systems for years. And compression was always a big part of that. So Nintendo can take an amazing and huge game, and compress it down to a much smaller size, without compromising on the graphics or gameplay. To me, that’s true skill. Not making a super realistic hame, but making an amazing game with very high resolutions, steady frame rate, and one of the biggest open world with next to no load times, all with a file size that is a ton smaller than NBA 2K18. (I’m talking about breath of the wild if you couldn’t tell)

      1. Actually I will resume it for you: in Mario you do not have all these minutes / hours of voice acting and embedded video in-game files taking up all that space like in NBA.

      2. True, you have all of the voice acting and whatnot, but Mario has a ton more sets and character models and still has lots of sound and music for every area as well as collectible items and textures and plenty more that take up space that counteract the large amounts of voice acting that NBA 2K18 has. I bet they could have made their game smaller if they were focusing on that.

  2. How does Nintendo make a console perform better than what the spec sheet says? Its like they can push every little element out the most limited gigs and cores.

      1. The chip made by a company that doesn’t work on games should be given all of the credit instead of the talented hardworking developers at Nintendo?

  3. “I was actually going to get this game until they showed his outfit. Why did the change it to those colors for the Switch version??! White shirt, purple and white striped tie, and that dingy blue blazer??? They always shortchange Nintendo….I will not be buying this game anymore because outfits of the correspondents matter to. You wouldn’t put Craig Sager (RIP) in street clothes would you? They dropped the ball on this one….back to my 12 core CPU and GPU rig….”

    Quoted from a Random Anonymous Graphic Terd

  4. Another nail in the coffin of “Switch can’t handle AAA third party games without massive downgrades”

    Lower resolution and 30fps is completely reasonable for full portability. It’s not like anybody expected Switch ports to be perfect mirror images of PS4/XB1 games, but we are getting AAA titles that are essentially visually identical aside from these little things.

    Sure, 60fps and 1080p would be great, but we still get new PS4 games that aren’t native 1080p and 60fps. There’s no room to complain about modern graphics engines on Switch running at 900p 30fps and such, or even 720p 30fps. It’s expected and still impressive for a fully portable device.

      1. Lol I have never played a 2k game. I was going to buy it but too much other stuff releasing I’ll probly wait for the physical release. Good to know tho I’ll keep that in mind

        1. To be honest you shouldn’t buy it because as of now people are trying to protest the game and it’s devs because of those glitches and the server problems. To some extent it’s worked but 2k diehards are making it bad by buying a broken product.

  5. If you notice, there is a slight difference in graphics during this comparison. The fact of XB1 & PS4 having better graphics is only “one step above” the SWITCH. & to be honest, the graphics “are only conducent when the consumer buys a 4K ready high end Televison.
    Meaning, the so-called “hit” the Nintendo Switch has taken is NOTHING to cry over!!

    Because some of y’all act like the graphics on the switch is like playing ” Sin & Punishment” off the N 64. Lmao

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