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Chemical Plant Zone Is Returning For Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces releases on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, next month. However, the official Sonic Twitter shared some brand new images today. One of them was concept art of the HQ that the Eggman Resistance uses. The rest show off Chemical Plant Zone’s appearance in the game. All of the images can be seen in a gallery we’ve provided for you down below.



  1. I’ve noticed all the levels have a “Hailfire peaks” twist, like Green Hill/Sandopolis, Green Hill/ Hidden Base, Sunset heights/Crisis City, Silent Forest/Casino Night. I wonder what this one is going to be. It… actually looks cleaner this time, like Grand Metropolis from Sonic heroes.

  2. I like Chemical Plant zone but come on, not only did we already have a reimagining of it in Gens but we had it in Mania as well. Same thing with Green Hill zone, we need levels that never got attention since the game it was in.

    1. Inb4 people call this the generation 2, I’ll side with them because most of the stages are just rehashed stages like sonic mania was, if this is the case sonic forces might fall in the mediocre category with the other sonic titles

      1. Well, it basically is Generations 2. Modern and Classic Sonic, old stages returning, I know that SEGA outright claimed it’s not gens 2 but it’s the same overall idea.

  3. …So are all of the Generations stages returning in Forces,we just get Chemical Plant from Generations and Mania and let’s not even talk about Green Hill,at least take other classic stages like Aquatic Ruins or whatever.

    I’m not too upset,I’m sure the game will be great,but just a biy disappointed

  4. I’m reading the comments and they’re all “why can’t they make new levels?” or “this is the 12th time this area has been in a game” or “this is just Generations 2″… and yet I never see complaints about how the first level in every Mario sidescroller since 2005 is the same grassy plains.

    Real talk now: I remember seeing a screenshot where Silver mentions Chemical Plant, and now here it is. Does this mean… SILVER DLC!?

    1. The problem here is that the levels mostly have the same layout in each iteration they have, while the grassy plains in the Mario games has a more unique design between each of them. Sonic has plenty of grassy plains to choose from that isn’t Green Hill Zone either, like the one in Sonic 2, 3, & Knuckles, or even Sonic Heroes. It just gets downright tiring if we had two of these levels in Sonic Mania, literally a few months prior to Sonic Forces. It’s one thing to revisit these levels in 2 times within a 5 year timespan, but 3?

      1. It *is* true that the first part of Green Hill Zone in Sonic Mania is an exact replication of Green Hill Zone Act 1 from the very first Sonic game (as well as in Sonic Generations for 3DS), however it is different in Sonic Generations on console/PC and the second half of GHZ Act 1 in Mania is completely new, as is the entire Act 2. Same with Chemical Plant in all aforementioned games (for example, CPZ Act 2 in Mania now features vats of substances that bounce Sonic high into the air).

        Yes, there are other first levels from Sonic 2, 3, and Knuckles that they could pull (and who says they haven’t for Forces? There’s no way they would reveal every stage before release), but none are as iconic as Green Hill. All these levels that come back again and again- Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Flying Battery, Seaside Hill, City Escape- they’re some of the most iconic stages in the whole series (let’s not forget that Seaside Hill’s setting accounted for THREE tracks in the first Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, along with Casino Park and Final Fortress, all from Heroes).

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