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Video: Here’s Some Loading Speed Tests For Skyrim On Switch

Many fans are excited for the release of Skyrim on Nintendo Switch which launches on November 17th. It’s the first time Skyrim is being brought to a handheld platform and the trailers we have seen thus far have been promising. Some may be wondering how quick it will perform on Switch but thanks to YouTube channel MyGamingBoulevard, we can get an insight into the loading times for the title as well as a look at the motion controls. Loading up a save file takes around 22 seconds to boot up whilst performing fast travel takes roughly 13 seconds to complete. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

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    1. Didn’t it take like 5 minutes every time you went to a different part of the world in Skyrim on the Xbox 360? I remember that was one of the reasons I didn’t like this game. Because I had to wait ages for things to load, and I could only look at those models for so long. 13 seconds is nothing! If another console can do it in 5 seconds that’s a very small difference. If it were like the switch did 1 minute and another console did 5 seconds, that’s a much bigger difference. But 13 is more than bearable.

    1. Well, the Elder Scrolls games have their roots in early PC RPGs like the Might and Magic and Ultima games. Ever since Morrowind, I’ve thought of them as more narrative driven (not grindy) Single Player MMORPGs like Everquest but with more actiony combat. The combat will always be behind the big action games at the time because of the sacrifices you make for open world, but Bethesda’s open worlds have always been much more impressive and expansive than other publishers. Breath of the Wild is the closest Nintendo example, but Elder Scrolls has more classic RPG development, loot, and more complex NPC interactions. It’s certainly less impressive five years out, but booting up a new Elder Scrolls game on a powerful system has always been one of the most breathtaking gaming experiences for me.

  1. This is comparable if not faster than my PC. It is worth noting that I’m using a spinner instead of an SSD.

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