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Koizumi: Expect More Than Just Traditional Nintendo IPs For Nintendo Switch In 2018

Famitsu has recently published an interview with Yoshiaki Koizumi and it’s been briefly translated by Japanese Nintendo. Basically Koizumi says we should expect more than just the traditional Nintendo IPs which we are all familiar with on the Nintendo Switch in 2018.


      1. So very many of us are waiting for this! A decade is too long to wait for an F-Zero. They should make one per generation as they usually do with Mario kart.

        Anytime they say anything vaguely about non-traditional Nintendo IPโ€™s being developed Iโ€™m instantly going to put a possible F-Zero game out in the universe lol

    1. That was a great game! The only thing that sucked was the lack of multiplayer gameplay. You pulled one out of the archives my friend lol

    1. I think a mix of all three to be honest.
      What I expect from Third Parties would be:
      – GTA V (Ported by Panic Button)
      – Evil Within 1 & 2 (e.i. Revelations Collection)
      – Dishonored Remaster (Possibly Dishonored 2)
      – Prey (The Reboot, sadly not the original)
      – Shadow of Mordred
      – South Park: Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole (Possibly with the help of Panic Button)

      And when it comes to Nintendo themselves, I expect:
      – Kirby (Already Confirmed)
      – Yoshi (Already Confirmed)
      – Animal Crossing
      – Doshin the Giant HD (I’m really hoping for that)
      – Kid Icarus: Uprising 2
      – Pokemon (Possibly, but I doubt it)

  1. I love how Nintendo is creating the best game library for the Switch, they’re really going to kill it this time even it may have an bigger success than the Wii had just because the games are just looking better than ever!

  2. Ice Climber
    Kid Icarus
    Punch Out
    Animal Crossing
    Duck Hunt

    Those are some of the more known Nintendo series that Iโ€™d say are not quite traditional when compared to the likes of Mario, Kirby, Zelda, etc.

    Of those, Iโ€™d say Punch Out is likely to come to Switch in 2018. Then either Kid Icarus or Animal Crossing (both maybe). Pikmin 4 supposedly exists, but Nintendoโ€™s been mum on that.


  3. Let’s keep it real here, guys. Koizumi have stated to “Expect more than just traditional Nintendo IPs”. You guys need to do better than that. What the hell am I talkin’ about?! The things that I’m sure we’ll expect to see for the Nintendo Switch in 2018 are as follows–

    * Kirby Star Allies
    * Yoshi (title not finalized, powered by Unreal Engine 4)
    * The latest updates on Pokemon from Game Freak and Metroid Prime 4
    * Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus from developer Panic Button
    * Octopath Traveler
    * More third party and nindies support

  4. You are so right N-Dub. I think what Koizumi is saying is that for Switch owners to expect non-traditional Nintendo IPs like F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Sin And Punishment, Wave Race, Eternal Darkness, and possibly Earthbound as well as new Nintendo IPs and 3rd party titles as well as Nindies. He’s clearly saying for Switch owners to not just depend on very popular Nintendo franchises but be looking forward to a lot more outside of Nintendo games too

  5. An HD remaster of Eternal Darkness would be nice. In fact, it can be the first in a series called “GameCube HD Remasters.” Then again, if something like that is planned, Nintendo will most likely kickstart that series off with an HD remaster of Super Mario Sunshine than Eternal Darkness.

    1. Anyway, a sequel to Eternal Darkness would also be much appreciated. Can we get a sequel to Baten Kaitos by any chance, too? Oh & a new Golden Sun would be very much appreciated, too! What I’m trying to say is…

      1. Eternal Darkness would be awesome in VR… if VR wasn’t so damn expensive. Maybe some day. Anyway, I’m okay with 1st person if there is an option to switch between it & 3rd person in settings.

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