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NBA Player Kyle Kuzma Really Wants Super Smash Bros On The Nintendo Switch

NBA player Kyle Kuzma has tweeted Nintendo of America and has requested that they bring Super Smash Bros to the Nintendo Switch. We all want the game on the platform so celebrity endorsements and requests can only help.



  1. I worry for Lord Masahiro Sakurai’s health if he is burdened with yet another SSB game to coordinate. We all know the kind of obsession and attention to detail he has.

      1. It’s still Nintendo. I fully expect them to prioritize developer indulgence over what the players want. It takes unpopularity to the point of financial collapse to get them to do otherwise.

        I say this as a huge Nintendo fan.

      1. Many times advertising is done under the hood, and just asking for a famous IP that even hos grandma know it will come on the console it’s pretty ‘suspicious’.

    1. Yeah I highly doubt a late first round pick rookie is gonna be asked by Nintendo to advertise a game that hasn’t been confirmed yet. The only people who know Kuz are Lakers fans or Utah (college) fans. They would ask the guy being marketed globally in Lonzo Ball, not Kuz.

  2. Super Smash Bros 5 would be great! It’d be nice if it could surpass Melee, though. Smash 4 was okay at best but Melee is still the apex of Super Smash Bros. A better Ganondorf would be much appreciated, too. I’m sick of Captain Ganondorf. He deserves better than to be some move set clone.

  3. At this point, they’re better off just churning out a new Smash instead of porting Wii U/3DS; Switch has enough last gen ports as it is (Mario Kart 8, Pokken Tournament, Rayman Legends “Definitive” Edition, I could go on).

    I know I’m going to garner some hate for this, but, when Smash 5 becomes a thing, I really hope Sakurai is not in charge- involved, sure, since the series is of his creation, but not the guy calling the shots. Sm4sh was really held back from being something totally phenomenal. I hope Smash 5 would be more engaging than 4 was, whenever it happens.

    1. As long as Sakurai doesn’t try to keep Ganondorf as a clone, I guess he can be involved in Smash 5.

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