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Canada: The Nintendo Switch Is The Best-Selling Console Of 2017

It’s safe to say that the Nintendo Switch has been a huge success for Nintendo. Today news has emerged which reveals that Nintendo’s latest home console is the best-selling console of 2017 in Canada. The Nintendo Switch has sold 209,000 units and the PlayStation 4 has sold 205,000. As well as that, during September 2017, 73 per cent of console sales in Canada were Nintendo products. That means 115,000 units split between the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and the SNES Mini.

“We were wondering what impact the Switch, which is a console you can play anywhere, would have on our portable gaming business. It turns out they are different markets,” he explains.

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    1. Same. Have seen a coupleof the neon Switch,but easily 10-15 splatoon bundles in my home town stores.

    1. Please… gamevice is nothing compared to Nintendo.

      Also I saw a video of a guy who bought this and he says “this is like to play with the Wii U gamepad”.

    2. They won’t get a penny. They have to show how Nintndo’s controller which only works on its own closed platform damages their product which attaches controllers to the sides of smart devices. Since the products literally do not do the same thing, they can’t assess any level of damages, so they can’t hope to win. They’re looking for harassment money.

    3. You mean the same reject device that obviously looks like the Wii U Gamepad and Sega handheld design which was patented one year after NX was revealed to the public which they’re suing against and released their crappy add on one year after Wii U was released which the Switch was inspired from plus the Wii Remotes from 2006. Oh and their device doesn’t have their own internal power, functions or wireless communications as well as lacking several buttons that the JoyCons have.

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