US: Super Mario Odyssey Theme Available For Nintendo 3DS

No doubt many of you are consumed by Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch but if you turn on your Nintendo 3DS you will see that there’s a special Super Mario Odyssey theme available via the Theme Shop. The Super Mario Odyssey theme will cost you $1.99.



  1. This would have made more sense to put on the Switch.

    Still a great theme nonetheless. I especially love that they put all of Jump Up, Super Star! as the theme’s song instead of just the instrumental.

      1. That’s exactly what he’s implying. It has the theme settings but no themes other than black/white. People are also wondering when is the Switch gonna get theirs. The 3DS needs to retire so the Switch can grow.

  2. Yet another theme that would serve more purpose on the system you actually play the game on.

    1. As I replied elsewhere, you’re thinking like a buyer, not a seller. The purpose of 1st party software is to sell the hardware. They don’t need to sell Switch owners on Odyssey. They need to convert 3ds owners into Switch owners.

      1. Oh I know of the secondary reason of this from a seller’s line of thinking. But as a buyer with no stock in the company, that reason doesn’t concern me as I’m not the one that will make money from a 3DS owner buying a Switch.

      2. By selling a Theme that they won’t go crazy over since the 3DS life span is almost over at this point and to heighten the hype within the Switch itself, it should’ve had the theme featured in and from there, would’ve sold more than the 3DS.

      1. lol Nintony; that’s a good one. Before I went with Sonyendo, I also came up with the word NinSonyan. But I chose Sonyendo as it looks cooler to me. That & I’ve become more of a Sony PlayStation gamer than a Nintendo gamer in the last 2ish years. Shame since I’ve been a Nintendo gamer for the last 22-24 years of my life. *shrug* Oh well. Who knows. Maybe in the next 22-24 years, I’ll be more of a gamer on a different set of consoles from a completely different company. lol

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