Nintendo Is Looking To Release Two To Three Smartphone Apps Annually

Nintendo has held true to its promised and delivered a small number of smartphone games and applications. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has said that the company is looking to released two to three smartphone applications on a yearly basis. He has also said that the company “will continue services for applications that have already been released.” He pointed towards Super Mario Run as an example of that with its recent 3.0 update which saw increased user engagement.



      1. Which I’m sure Nintendo is working on it. Also, them claiming the GC controller compatibility as an “accident” is hilariously bad PR spin to save us the surprise. We all know it’s coming, GC Virtual Console with the others.

    1. From what I understand, the games are made by DeNA, so They shouldn’t detract anything from console games – completely unrelated teams.

    2. It’s mobile. What do you think? So far, every last Nintendo app has it..except for Switch which is a dumbass segregation of voice chat feature that forces you to buy a fucking splitter to plug in 3 hardware devices at the same time to chat.

  1. I’m just concerned that too many apps will spread the target audience thin. It would suck if the user base for two games overlap and you have player drought on both as a result.

  2. Ok Nintendo you want to release 2 or 3 smartphone app?

    Can I have a Star Fox mobile game? So the Star Fox series will be more popular? If you want my money I can give you to it. I already bought Super Mario Run.

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