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Horror Game Perception For Switch Is A “Total Remake” Says Developer

Perception is a tense psychological thriller where players must uncover the mysteries of a sinister estate with echolocation as their only sight and it’s out today on Nintendo Switch. 4colorrebellion recently got the chance to speak to the developers, The Deep End Games, about the horror game where they revealed that the title wasn’t just ported but the game was remastered for Switch.

4cr: What are the changes being introduced for the Nintendo Switch version right from the start, which will also be making their way to the other versions of the game?

“It’s a total remaster! We have added new modes – Story mode (a walking sim) and Scary mode (higher stakes)-, new voice and dialogue, streamlined story, a new warning system, the works! It’s so exciting to see people’s reactions to the changes.”

Two main members of staff at The Deep End Games are married and expressed their love for Nintendo while revealing how long it took to develop the game from concept to retail.

4cr: How long did it take you to bring the game from concept to prototype to the build we can now play on Switch? Where there any challenges or hurdles you had to overcome in bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch?

“It took us three years! There were many challenges throughout, but we had the help of our friends at Disbelief to help us port it to the Switch. It was SO exciting to see the game on the handheld screen and use the Joy-Con. We are a HUGE Nintendo family, and we are just so thrilled to be bringing this labor of love to the Switch.”

The interview makes for a great read and you can read more of it here.

Perception is available from the eShop right now for £12.99.



  1. But Capcom “can’t make anything in less than a year”… Stupid big corporations who base their entire decisions on money!! And Nintendo is included sometimes 😔

    1. That was in the past. It’s basically former Treehouse member/Public Relations Ali Rapp’s fault for censoring that Wii U game Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.

    2. The problem is this: Crapcom is beyond retarded that they don’t realize that most of their successes were from Nintendo themselves. Resident 4, Revelations, Monster Hunter, May I say more? They’re just fucking stupid.

        1. So they say…I don’t believe shit that they claim. Also, if Revelations 1 was the same deal, how come they had to port them over on multiple consoles anyway without the “Nintendo platform is a flop which it still isn’t” excuse?

  2. I believe the quote was “total remaster”, contrary to the headline. That would be very impressive if they remade their whole game just for Switch haha.

  3. Currently playing and loving it. Dark room head set on handheld mode and already some great scares.
    Great concept with limited field of ‘vision’ which last a short while, when you tap the cane, balanced against the need to not make too much noise so as to get unwanted attention.
    So far story seems good and voice acting, music to build tension and atmosphere are spot on.

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