Here’s An Extensive Look At Kirby Battle Royale

The adorable Kirby Battle Royale is now available on the European Nintendo 3DS eShop and of course NintenDaan is on the case and has published over an hours worth of footage. If Kirby is your thing then be sure to check out the video below which is sure to tip you over the edge if you were in the fence about the game.


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    It looks okay so far.

      1. Doesn’t matter. I want Smash Bros and yes, this is a Sakurai game, of course it’ll borrow shit from Kirby. Even Kid Icarus Uprising borrowed the same menu theme from Brawl.

    1. The new Kirby game isn’t directed by Sakurai. He hasn’t directed a Kirby game since Air Ride on Game Cube. The Kirby games have always been action platformers and that element of it’s design was used in creation of Smash Brothers. So Smash Brothers borrows from Kirby not the other way around. The shield comes from the mirror ability in KSS, Master hand is based on the player hand on the continue screen + Wham Bam’s attacks, the mapping of attacks is similar with the addition of specials, etc. Just making the correction that Smash is based on Kirby or borrows from Kirby quite a bit. That is definitely because of Sakurai’s works on both but ya, this is Hal Lab’s own thing. Sakurai isn’t involved and Hal Labs is not involved with Smash anymore.

      Kirby games like these will always look familiar to Smash because in a way both franchises are related. I’m sure Smash on the Switch is definitely coming. I have a feeling it’ll just be a port of previous smash, tho which is fine imo. I don’t know what else they can really do with that franchise and how long Sakurai will be on board. They can probably just add some more characters, levels, modes.

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