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New Rayman Legends Patch Addresses Performance Issues On Nintendo Switch

There have been some recent performance issues regarding Rayman Legends Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch. However, you can rest assured that Ubisoft has since dispatched a new update to resolve the issues in an effort to prevent them from resurfacing in the future. Official patch notes from the developer are as follows:

We appreciate your patience concerning performance issues that some of you may have encountered while playing Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch. This latest patch, available for download now, reduces loading times between levels and fixes frame rate-related issues as well. You should now be gliding much more smoothly through the Glade of Dreams!



      1. Even the fucking mobile is better than this shit port. And it has nothing to do with the system at all. UbiSHIT is just SHIT towards Nintendo like the rest of the American douchebag companies named EA/ASStivision/WB/2K.

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    Rayman Legends Defective Edition

  2. I wish they’d easily port that Rayman 3 HD other consoles got last generation to Switch instead of this. Or maybe make a new Rayman finally, if Legends has been re-released and patched enough yet.

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