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The Pokémon Anime Apparently Celebrates Its 1,000th Episode Next Week

It is hard to believe but the Pokémon anime series will be celebrating its 1,000th episode next week. The 1,000th episode is titled “Lilie and Silvady, the Resurrected Memory! and will feature Silvady’s TV anime debut. The anime first began back on 1 April 1997 in Japan. The new episode will broadcast on November 9th. There’s apparently some debate online as to whether it is the 1,000th episode, but as Kotaku says, if you count the Porygon episode and the Mega Evolution specials the upcoming episode is the 1,000th.



    1. I heard the season for Sun and Moon is pretty good, probably not good enough to get you back into the anime though.

      1. The animation/style is even dumber than ever, they insulting Misty/Brock more times than you can count (bringing them into this horrible animated season that reverses Ash’s age while the “not so new” movie retcon them out of the lore while replacing them with two NOBODIES that has never seen the light of day in any Pokémon media)

  1. So is the new season based on Sun & Moon ignoring the rest of the anime & using the latest movie as a soft reboot?

    1. ||It is irrelevant because the artstyle is absolutely disgusting now…||

  2. What kind of f-ing title is this? “Apparently” Why dont you go and do 30 damn minutes and research and find out whether it is or isnt the 1000th episode.

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