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Hamster Set To Release Irem Games On Nintendo Switch

It has been announced today that Hamster will be releasing Irem games on Nintendo’s latest platform, the Nintendo Switch. Plenty of arcade classics will be coming and Arcade Archives Zippy Race will be first game to arrive this year. The other games confirmed are Arcade Archives R-Type along with Arcade Archives Front Line.



      1. ||Xbox and anything Xbot related is a forbidden ground with no exceptions and Nintendo should be your main focus by at least 90%, PC excluded…||

        ||What is your specific talent?…||

        1. Why would I be interested in a xbox? Also only 90% interested in Nintendo is the requirement? I own a new 3ds, a switch and a computer with steam which sits in the corner collecting dust. 😂 I’m good with people so I would say I’m a Recruiter. Nintendo is my main focus.

  1. I really want some of the games that are out on PS4 now like Crazy Climber! That brings back memories of the arcades back in the 80s!

  2. I never realized they were that intelligent. I mean, rodents are pretty closely related to primates, but still.

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