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Here’s The First 18 Minutes Of RiME On The Nintendo Switch

Thinking of picking up RiME for the Nintendo Switch but aren’t too sure of the port’s quality? Well, Tilmen has captured the first eighteen minutes of the game running on Nintendo’s platform and it certainly won’t allay fears. It doesn’t appear to be the best port we have seen on the system as of yet. Check out the video to see for yourselves.


    1. Maybe because it’s Nintensdo news, or maybe because other people who aren’t your dumb ass troll self, are interested in it. God I wish this site had a block feature to deal with idiots.

      1. First of all, why take it seriously if it’s just trolling? Must be a regular from YouTube. lol Second, I don’t mind posts regarding Nintendo and the purpose I said so in this particular article is because Rime Switch port is so bad, I wouldn’t even wanna hear about it but it’s also wise to also talk about it as fair warning to how shitty this game/port is. PC and Xbox also suffers from this.

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