Retro Studios Is Looking For An Environment Artist

It is more than likely that Retro Studios is hard at work on a new game, but the game’s identity is probably going to be unknown for a while. In the meantime, Nintendo of America’s Twitter for careers has promoted a job listing for an environment artist at Retro Studios, located at Austin, Texas. They are looking for only one person to fill the role there, but it is a full-time job where you will work 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday. According to the job description, they are “looking for a passionate and skilled 3D Environment artist, who can create suitable and quality visuals for Nintendo games”.



  1. It’s probably gonna be awhile longer yet before we find out what they are working on.

    1. How long has it been since we’ve heard anything from them? Feels like every year at E3 we’re expecting them to finally announce whatever it is but they never do.

            1. I don’t know haha. When they announced Donkey Kong instead of Metroid, a lot of people were pretty pissed haha. But it was still a good game anyway. They are definitely one of the better studios out there.

  2. If they’re just now looking for an Environmental Artist (even if they’re finding an added one to help) I can assure you it’ll be another year till we hear about their project.

    1. Somehow I completely missed that typo. Oy, this is not my day. I’ve had to fix the headline twice now.

  3. I can only wonder what in the world they’re working on. With Metroid Prime 4 confirmed to be being made from them, they’re just one big mystery now.

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