Retro Studios Is Looking For An Environment Artist

It is more than likely that Retro Studios is hard at work on a new game, but the game’s identity is probably going to be unknown for a while. In the meantime, Nintendo of America’s Twitter for careers has promoted a job listing for an environment artist at Retro Studios, located at Austin, Texas. They are looking for only one person to fill the role there, but it is a full-time job where you will work 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday. According to the job description, they are “looking for a passionate and skilled 3D Environment artist, who can create suitable and quality visuals for Nintendo games”.




      1. I don’t know haha. When they announced Donkey Kong instead of Metroid, a lot of people were pretty pissed haha. But it was still a good game anyway. They are definitely one of the better studios out there.

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  1. If they’re just now looking for an Environmental Artist (even if they’re finding an added one to help) I can assure you it’ll be another year till we hear about their project.


  2. I can only wonder what in the world they’re working on. With Metroid Prime 4 confirmed to be being made from them, they’re just one big mystery now.


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