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PC Streaming App Rainway Devs Say Talks With Nintendo Are “Working Out Well”

The Rainway PC streaming application is shaping up to be something special allowing you to stream any game to all GPU’s which have support for streaming to a web browser which includes the Nintendo Switch. The developers shared an update on Reddit to say that they are in talks with Nintendo about getting the app on the Switch and their plans are working out well.

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    1. For streaming away from home yes, but in home streaming you don’t need too much. Nvidia Shield products need 30mb/s with a 5ghz router.

        1. If you are trying to play a PC game on the Switch when you’re out of the house, you need good internets. If you’re playing PC games on your Switch while still in your house, you only need okay internets.

          If your router doesn’t have a 5ghz band, your internets are going to be crappy and definitely won’t be able to stream from your PC. All routers are going to have a 2.4ghz band. If it’s a dual-band or more, it’ll have 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz.

          Nvidia has a tablet and an Android TV box thing that that let you stream games from your PC. I was comparing the specs you would need for those to what Rainway probably will need.

    1. By playing poorly optimized ports of console games or a legion of mediocre indie titles? PC gaming, though more accessible than ever before, is less interesting than ever before.

    1. Works amazing. I use it all the time on Shield tablet and Steam Link. Basically my whole house is powered by one central PC between a media server and game streaming.

        1. In home streaming is not the same thing as using a streaming service. Those are garbage, including Nvidia’s version of it. However, Steam Link, streaming between two PCs using Steam, and Nvidia Shield TV/Tablet streaming from a home PC are all popular, effective options for streaming from a powerful gaming PC. I stream 1080p/60fps with no noticeable input delay all the time. I’m typing this at a desk with a Steam Link hooked up to a monitor to stream to my desktop in the basement.

          So you. You don’t stream games. But if you have a supported Nvidia graphics card on a PC, you should check it out, because nvidia and valve have put a ton of work into it these last few years.

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