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UK Company Giff Gaff Has Counted All The Coins In The Mario Series

Giff Gaff, a UK-based company that’s best known for providing phone contracts, has counted how many coins are in every Mario game to date. It’s actually Giff Gaff Money, an arm of Giff Gaff that is a credit broker, that’s run the slightly bizarre promotion. The total number of coins from all the games in the list below amounts to a massive 10,071,473 but it’s worth noting that New Super Mario Bros. 2 alone contains 9,999,999 coins.

Super Mario Bros. – 1,089 coins

Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels – 1,876 coins

Super Mario Bros. 2 – 297 coins

Super Mario Bros. 3 – 4,425 coins

Super Mario Land – 2,003 coins

Super Mario World – 4,930 coins

Super Mario Land 2 – 3,237 coins

Super Mario 64 – 2,672 coins

Super Mario Sunshine – 1,830 coins

New Super Mario Bros. – 7,360 coins

Super Mario Galaxy – 3,163 coins

New Super Mario Bros. Wii – 9,388 coins

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 3,931 coins

Super Mario 3D Land – 5,321 coins

New Super Mario Bros. 2 – 9, 999, 999 coins

New Super Mario Bros. U – 9,421 coins

Super Mario 3D World – 10.531 coins

So there you have it… in case you were wondering.

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15 thoughts on “UK Company Giff Gaff Has Counted All The Coins In The Mario Series”

  1. Wonder if they counted coins that weren’t readily flying about in the game world.
    Say, did they count the coins from blocks, the coins you get from running in circles around poles, coins for defeating enemies etc.

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