Video: Game Theory – What Is A Kirby?

The knowledgeable team over at Game Theory have published an interesting video taking a look at the origins of Nintendo’s fluffy pink mascot, Kirby. The video asks the question, What is a Kirby? Prepare for seventeen minutes of amusement.

With Kirby Star Allies announced, I thought it was time to show our favorite puffball some love. Kirby was by far one of my favorite characters growing up and I fondly remember all his games. However, I’ve never been able to wrap my head around one question: Just what is Kirby? Sure he’s a star warrior, but what IS he? Well Loyal Theorists, I think I’ve stumbled upon the answer… Prepare yourself for a scientific journey!

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver


  1. I personally don’t care what Kirby is all I care about is him kicking azz and taking names/powers….

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