Amazon’s 10 Best-Selling Games In 2017 Includes Seven Nintendo-Published Titles

Popular online retailer Amazon has revealed their best-selling video games of 2017 and it’s a Nintendo fans dream come true. Seven out of the total top ten are Nintendo-published titles which is quite an achievement and just goes to show how popular the Switch has become, and the 3DS. Here’s the top ten best-sellers of 2017:

  1. Super Mario Odyssey
  2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn
  5. Call of Duty: WWII (PS4)
  6. Call of Duty: WWII (Xbox One)
  7. Splatoon 2
  8. Pokémon Ultra Sun
  9. Pokémon Ultra Moon
  10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U)

In terms of hardware, the Nintendo Switch was Amazon’s best-selling video game console — Switch consoles with gray Joy-Cons outsold those with neon Joy-Cons.



  1. The future is the scary part. How many major titles can you think of down the pipeline for PS4 other than the same ‘ol annual titles? Nintendo still has a barrel full of IPs, and enough time in the console cycle to do another Mario and Zelda. Meanwhile Sony has to figure out how to market an eventual PS5 when as soon as they announce a $400-500 machine, Nintendo can announce a price cut to $200-250 on the Switch.

    1. PS4 has plenty of games coming down the road. Trust me they won’t have any problems selling a ps5 if they have as much quality games releasing as they do now. I love my switch and nintendo but this comment is just sounding fanboyish

      1. Can you give an actual reason rather than just saying I’m wrong? I’m a gamer before a Nintendo fan. I own a PS4, and it sits gathering dust. Year after year Sony has gradually been giving me less reason to bother turning it on, particular with the growing trend of AAA games releasing on PC.

        What’s scheduled for 2018 on PS4? That I’m missing?

      2. The new god of war and Spiderman. Just those two are enough to get me excited but they also got ni no kuni and they should be releasing More info on ghost of tsushima, and days gone too as I’m still not sure their 2018 games yet but PS4 gets all the multiplats as well like red dead redemption coming so there’s never any worry on a lack of games. Nintendo is doing great but they still got a lot of catching up to do. These are confirmed games too not just speculation as we have to do with nintendo right now until the next direct.

      3. “The new god of war and Spiderman.”

        I’m looking forward to Spider-Man myself, but be serious here. Do you expect either of those game to be in the top 10 *in sales* for the year? The multiplats are great but they don’t drive hardware success because well……they’re multiplat. I love Ni No Kuni. I paid the insane ebay prices for the wizard’s edition of the first game. It’s not remotely honest to pretend that it will be a significant player this year *in sales*. You seem to be confusing me saying Nintendo is running the board with me saying Playstation doesn’t have a great product on offer. They aren’t the same topic. Nintendo had great products on offer with the N64 and the Gamecube, didn’t stop Sony from having by far the better business position at the time. It’s pretty hard to take you seriously when you accuse me of being fanboyish and then tell me with a straight face that Ni No Kuni being release in North America is a significant release from a *business* perspective.

        ” Nintendo is doing great but they still got a lot of catching up to do. ”

        How on earth does Nintendo have catching up to do? They’re the ones who have already released their next gen. You’ve got this thing all wrong. It isn’t the PS4 that the Switch is competing with. The PS4 is already in its latter years. It’s the PS5 launch the Switch is competing with and it’s already got a long head start. The PS5 is what has catching up to do. Now, you can argue that it’s too much of a head start since the PS5 won’t be coming until 2019 most likely, and at that point they could get a significant hardware leg up, but the majority of the Switch’s lifespan will be against the next Sony machine, not the current one. This is like saying the Xbox360 had a lot of catching up to do against the PS2. New generation, new scoreboard.

        My concern for Sony and the PS5, is that they’ve consistently marketed themselves as the older “serious” gamer’s machine. So they can’t really be flexible on pricing for a new console. They need the hardware to keep their customers from moving to PC. So what I question is how is Sony going to sell the concept of a $500 PS5, when the next day Nintendo can just say “$250 Switch, bundled with Mario Odyssey”.

        1. I’m not getting anything confused. U asked me to name some games and I did. A game does not need to be a top ten seller of the year to be profitable and successful that’s a fact. The variety of games PS4 has already has is what is making the PS4 sell great worldwide. Furthermore, multiplats obviously sell a console otherwise the Wii u would have been amazing in terms of sales. People buy consoles expecting to get their multiplat releases like gta, overwatch, cod , FIFA, 2k, etc. As well as first parties, they all play a role. Ni no kuni for one is not even meant to be a “major player” it’s just added on to the great catalog of PS4 games Sony already has. There is no sense speaking about ps5 because Sony has not even begun to talk about that they are still releasing games for ps4 but it’s obvious their marketing is targeting the correct audience because they are making great numbers and as long as they keep up with quality first parties and multiplats that is what will make people go out and buy their console ps5 included. Do you forget the PS3 started off at around $600-$800. Now Once they actually unveil something then you can speak on that and actually talk facts not based on personal ideas. And yes unfortunately Nintendo has much catching up to do with the terrible online infrastructure they have thus far and lack of 3rd parties. Sony has them all, Nintendo is getting there. It has nothing to do with current gen or next gen or w.e gen you want to be in It’s about the reality as of now. Nintendo suffered big with the Wii u and even the Wii later on in it’s life and that’s why they have to catch up and get companies to make games for their console again since many abandoned ship during those eras but they are making huge strides with the release of the switch and I’ll leave it at that. The point of my reply was to discuss and enlighten about the games coming to PS4 of which there are more than what i could be bothered to list.

      4. Don’t sleep on a Last of us 2 which could easily score in the top 10.

        And if Final Fantasy 7 remake ever comes out…though that is a big if.

        Nintendo needs either Super Smash Bros or Metriod to come out this year.

        A Pikmin and Animal Crossing would be nice

        But I suspect the top seller of 2018 would be the Pokemon game for the Switch.

    2. Sony has a million exclusives! Yet only Horizon and a handfull are making top lists, makes you wonder if the whole Quantity over Quality compared to Nintendo is even worth it for the end user, Sony is loving it though.

  2. Let’s all be honest here, PS4 sold so much because Xbox basically handed their base to them with their dumb directions that they were going. Sony made sure to lock them with exclusive titles from 3rd parties.

    1. Same thing happened with the PS2 when Sega handed over that install base. Not to mentioned that the N64 also gave up a huge chunck of that SNES base.

      There was a video a few years ago that proved just this. That Sony has never been successful because its better, but because the competition screws itself, so Sony just walks to that finish line.

  3. Zelda won considering it was also released on the Wii U and finished 10th on a dead system.

    The fact that a Wii U title got 10th in 2017 goes to show that Zelda was a monster hit.

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