Here’s How Diddy Kong Racing 64 Could Look Using Unreal Engine 4

Talented designer CryZENx has recreated Diddy Kong Racing 64 using the stunning Unreal Engine 4. You’ve probably seen some of his work in the past as he’s recreated a number of titles using the latest Unreal engine. It admittedly looks wonderful so have a watch of the video below.


  1. This is also a game that needs a comeback. This game was so good that even the DS remake couldn’t rival because they add the stupid balloon blow instead of the racing and collecting Nintendo Coins.


    1. I agree, this game has a lot of potential because you can use three different vehicles with three different functions. My favorite is the airplane followed by the water vehicle and closely the car. I also like the items being able to be upgraded if you get a second or a third balloon. I hope Retro Studios make this game after they finished the secret game (I hope that secret game is DK 64).


  2. Don’t understand why they decided to put most of that area in shadow. Make the whole thing feel off. It also feels like they set it up to use a wider lens than the original so things feel further away.


  3. Looks great, but there’s quite a few inconsistencies I see that can be easily fixed. Of course this is a simple fan project, but I mean damn, there’s things that should have been fixed here before showcasing. This goes especially since this will be on the mans portfolio for sure.


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